Do you ever have difficulty in explaining what you do as a Facilities Manager or Workplace Professional? Do you have to constantly  Juggle your priorities  Back in the 1980’s when I was practising as a Chartered Building Surveyor in London, FM was in its infancy? If Youtube had been around then and I had managed to come across this video then I think I would have been immediately drawn to the profession.

The video was produced by Steelcase in the 1980’s and is dated by today’s HD 4K video standards. For those millennials amongst my audience check out the iMac in the background and the reference to Baby Boomers!  Notwithstanding this but there is a great deal of truth in what is said and a lot of it that still holds true today. Indeed in some ways this could be considered visionary in his explanation about it is not just about what you, it is about how you do it. Sure FM needs to tick all the basics but in today’s hospitality focussed hi-touch, hi-visibility world it needs to be done with style and a certain panache that the service experience economy demands of us.


I hope you enjoy this please let me know if there is anything in particular in the video that holds true for you leave your comments in the space below.