I wanted to share with you today one of my favourite videos about the workplace, “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work”. Jason Fried presented this talk at TedX Midwest in October 2010 and it will become clear very quickly why this is one of the most popular Ted Talks related to workplace productivity. At the time of writing, this post, the video has over 4.5 Million views.

Jason expresses his ideas of how to make us more productive in the workplace. Not all his suggestions are necessarily that serious and some may leave you questioning his sanity but the underlying message is profound.

In today’s world of work, we have increasing levels of freedom from the ties that bind us to the office. The growth of the mobile worker has been prescient with freedoms granted to us by the ubiquitous nature of wi-fi and the internet. As workplace professionals have we stopped to ask ourselves why our customers do not want to go into our offices to work?

As one of the M&M’s (you will have to watch to understand!) we create an office and expect people to come to work and do great stuff and yet this is the last place work actually gets done. Are we wasting our money on the ever increasing cost of work space? Why is work like sleep? and what can we learn from the way that we sleep?

As workplace professionals, we should take Jason’s views on board and we should be considering what we can do to change this. After all, why is it that this Ted Talk resonated with so many viewers?


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Question: Did this video resonate with you? What can we do to ensure that the workplace is the place of choice to get great work done?