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6 Reasons to Outsource Facilities Management for Radical Productivity

Some people have likened outsourcing to nuclear power, it can be used for good or evil, and unfortunately, it comes with a reputation to match. In the outsourcing of Facilities Management, all developmental roads lead back to the UK where the growth in...

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Is Facilities Management a Target for ‘Uberisation’?

Last year Maurice Levy, chief executive of global advertising group Publicis made a comment to the Financial Times saying “Everyone is starting to worry about being Ubered”. Levy was referring to the rise of the freelance economy as an increasing propo...

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‘Vested’ Thinking – 5 Ways to Extract Value from your Workplace

Despite savings in excess of 50% whilst still maintaining end user satisfaction, results show that neither the buyers nor the suppliers of outsourced Real Estate and Facilities Management (REFM) services are truly satisfied. In other words, many outwar...

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Do you Have Confidence in your Outsourcing Partner?

How do you know if you have made the right choice in outsourcing your non-core activities? How do you know if you have the best outsourcing partner? In this post I want to explore the 2 meta competencies that must exist in an optimal outsourcing relati...

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employee engagement

2 Practical Ways Workplace Can Improve Employee Engagement

Last week in my blog post entitled What can we do to Improve the Story of Facilities Management? I wrote about the emerging internal problem our clients have in respect of employee engagement. I outlined why Facilities Managers need to change their foc...

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What can we do to Improve the Story of Facilities Management?

Storytelling is the most powerful communication method known to man and has been around since the dawn of time. There is, however, a common agreement amongst professional storytellers that there are no more than 7 to 9 storylines to all the most memora...

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Why Co-Collaboration is the Future of Outsourcing

A decade and a half into the millennium our dependency on computers and technology continues to intensify and yet we are increasingly a world at war and addicted to fossil fuels. Our citizens are deeply concerned about corruption and whether the econom...

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Remote Worker

5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged

The very nature of facilities management means that we have to deal with remote workers who operate from our client’s sites. Whilst this is not unique to companies such as auditors and consultants, we find ourselves in the FM space working on cli...

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Welcome to Workplacefundi

Welcome to Workplacefundi.  My name is Andrew Mason and the purpose of this blog is to help you navigate the world of work. If you are a Workplace professional, a Facilities Manager, an HR professional or just somebody who is just interested in the val...

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“10 Questions all CEO’s need answered

to unleash a Winning Workplace”

In a hypercompetitive world, the Workplace is the Executive Board’s No1 tool in their arsenal to effect rapid deployment of change initiatives.

How is the Workplace was contributing to productivity, effectiveness and competitive advantage?


The book will act as a catalyst for a strategic conversation amongst business leadership teams and provide answers to understand this complex issue.

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