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10 Workplace Questions All CEO’s Should Have on Their Board Agenda

What is your CEO doing about the mounting body of evidence that shows the connection

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5 Dysfunctions of a team

The 5 Reasons your Team is not Performing

In my recent posts Quality Circles-Improving the Improvement System and 13 Simple Steps to Implementing Quality Circles I

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Chief Workplace Officer

Chief Workplace Officer – a Promotion for Facility Managers?

The Stoddart Review: The Workplace Advantage Report was published in December 2016. The report focused

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Quality Circles

13 Simple Steps to Implementing Quality Circles

Last week I posted about the concept of Quality Circles in Quality Circles-Improving the Improvement System. In

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Quality Circles

Quality Circles – Improving the Improvement System

Quality Circles have been around a long time, originally emanating from Japan during their postwar

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FM TV Interview – The Mason Manifesto

This week’s blog post is a little different. I was recently interviewed by Terry Owen

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Tender- Comparing Apples

To Tender or not to Tender? – Partnering is the Question

When Customers’ publish a Facilities Management tender, it often includes poor or insufficient information upon

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Core Values

6 Benefits of Having Core Values for Facilities Management

Modern business speak is all about mission, vision, culture and core values and these are

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10 Essential Future Skills for the Workplace

As Facilities Manager’s we already have one of the most diverse and rapidly growing job descriptions

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Why Colonialism not Globalism is a Risk to Our Development

Colonialism is an irrefutable fact of South Africa’s history, we can’t change that. The word

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“10 Questions all CEO’s need answered

to unleash a Winning Workplace”

In a hypercompetitive world, the Workplace is the Executive Board’s No1 tool in their arsenal to effect rapid deployment of change initiatives.

How is the Workplace was contributing to productivity, effectiveness and competitive advantage?


The book will act as a catalyst for a strategic conversation amongst business leadership teams and provide answers to understand this complex issue.

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