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Women in FM; 5 Secrets to becoming a ‘Jill of all Trades’

Firstly I want to recognise and pay tribute to all the women of the world. On

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The 2 Leadership Styles You Need to Turnaround Your Contracts

  For you to improve and grow a contract under your leadership, you need to

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The 3 Cycles You Need to Grow Your Contracts

There are 3 Cycles that will enable you to take any contract, in any situation

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10 Surprising Benefits of Contract Retention

In this last post of the series on contract retention, I want to wrap up

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The 4 Enablers of Contract Retention

  This is the third in a series of four posts regarding contract retention. In

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6 Steps to Improving Contract Retention

  Improving contract retention rates should be your highest priority but it needn’t be overly

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The 3 Common Causes for Contract Losses

We are seeing a large number of Facilities Management bids currently in the marketplace and

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“10 Questions all CEO’s need answered

to unleash a Winning Workplace”

In a hypercompetitive world, the Workplace is the Executive Board’s No1 tool in their arsenal to effect rapid deployment of change initiatives.

How is the Workplace was contributing to productivity, effectiveness and competitive advantage?


The book will act as a catalyst for a strategic conversation amongst business leadership teams and provide answers to understand this complex issue.

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