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Stoddart Review-Why the Workplace Environment is Key to Productivity

Last week saw the long-awaited publication of the Stoddart Review which provides the latest thinking on

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How to Improve Customer Participation in Service Delivery

Customer participation in the delivery of Facilities Management (FM) services, ultimately determines the service they

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Will Customers Help Themselves?

The emergence of Customer experience in Facilities Management (FM) is the single most important aspect

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10 Essential Future Skills for the Workplace

As Facilities Manager’s we already have one of the most diverse and rapidly growing job descriptions

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The Need for Innovation-a Perspective Shift

As Workplace Professionals and Facilities Managers we are constantly under pressure to deliver innovation in

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8 Win-Win’s of Customer Complaints

Customer complaints and how we accept and process them are a big area of concern

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Employee Experience, The Near Future for FM?

In keeping with my weekly Friday post looking at the lighter side of FM. I

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Are you Rewarding Performance but Creating the Wrong Culture?

As a Facilities professional do you encourage your team to be creative in the face

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Video-The Reality of Teleconferencing

As a Workplace Professionals, we have witnessed the rise in mobile working and with it the

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The 2 Leadership Styles You Need to Turnaround Your Contracts

  For you to improve and grow a contract under your leadership, you need to

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“10 Questions all CEO’s need answered

to unleash a Winning Workplace”

In a hypercompetitive world, the Workplace is the Executive Board’s No1 tool in their arsenal to effect rapid deployment of change initiatives.

How is the Workplace was contributing to productivity, effectiveness and competitive advantage?


The book will act as a catalyst for a strategic conversation amongst business leadership teams and provide answers to understand this complex issue.

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