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Video-Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work?

I wanted to share with you today one of my favourite videos about the workplace,

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The 3 Cycles You Need to Grow Your Contracts

There are 3 Cycles that will enable you to take any contract, in any situation

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How to Juggle Your Priorities as a Facilities Manager

Do you ever have difficulty in explaining what you do as a Facilities Manager or

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9 Simple Steps to Workplace Diversity

The lack of diversity in many outsourced suppliers has meant that they have failed to adapt to

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6 Reasons to Outsource Facilities Management for Radical Productivity

Some people have likened outsourcing to nuclear power, it can be used for good or

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‘Vested’ Thinking – 5 Ways to Extract Value from your Workplace

Despite savings in excess of 50% whilst still maintaining end user satisfaction, results show that neither

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employee engagement

2 Practical Ways Workplace Can Improve Employee Engagement

Last week in my blog post entitled What can we do to Improve the Story of

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What can we do to Improve the Story of Facilities Management?

Storytelling is the most powerful communication method known to man and has been around since

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5 Key Steps to Achieve Collaboration 

In my last post, I expounded on Co-collaboration as being the way forward in terms

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Remote Worker

5 Ways to Keep Your Remote Workers Engaged

The very nature of facilities management means that we have to deal with remote workers

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“10 Questions all CEO’s need answered

to unleash a Winning Workplace”

In a hypercompetitive world, the Workplace is the Executive Board’s No1 tool in their arsenal to effect rapid deployment of change initiatives.

How is the Workplace was contributing to productivity, effectiveness and competitive advantage?


The book will act as a catalyst for a strategic conversation amongst business leadership teams and provide answers to understand this complex issue.

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